Warm Days Will Come

It’s cold outside, inside, everywhere.”

Always very thin blooded and chilly when others are comfortable, the past week has seen even those folks complaining.

“Turn up the heat Rick,” was the serious comment to the office engineer.

“It’s on high. Nothing else we can do,” he responded.

Sweaters and coats too were common attire throughout the building with conversations centering on low room temperature.

Purple hands made slower moving fingers that a couple of women countered with thin gloves enabling business to get done.

“Get a desk heater,” somebody advised. A couple of cubbyhole sales ladies took the advice to heart creating the warmest spot in the building.

Then the email came, “Parts are in, and the furnace repairmen are coming in the morning.”

They did, and the room thermostat was turned down from 85 to 70. It was sure a whole heck of a lot more comfortable.

Actually, workers didn’t even know there was a heater problem, just blaming the inside cool on the outside record cold.

When those inside are shivering, what about the poor farmers and ranchers outside all day? Don’t forget the livestock, too.

Long johns, sweaters, insulated coveralls; heavy coats with hoods, extra gloves sometimes with mittens on top became common barnyard attire.

Admittedly, combine operators going fast forward completing soybean harvest shed a layer in the cab. Right back on when the door opens.

Poor critters didn’t realize winter was coming so early with hair coats not grown to extent of official winter weather. They hovered behind the windbreak, low down in the pasture draw and into the timber as possible.

Ranchers not ready to put out much feed so early in the season decided to help out with a little hay.

What about getting the riding done in the unseasonably cold after working inside all day? Put the four layers on, and pull the hood tighter than usual.

A treat from the pocket makes buckskin catchable in the cold and snow, but she’s plenty frisky.

Against the principle, made fun of by real cowboys, the saddled mare is run around in a circle before mounting. Warm her up to hopefully prevent any hump.

Reminded of Genesis 8:22: “For as long as Earth lasts, planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never stop.”