Ronnie Was Always There

“If anything needed to be done, Ronnie would make certain it was completed.”

Just as sure, whatever the task there would be smiles for everybody involved.

Recent passing of Ron Shivers, often referred to as Ronnie, although in his eighth decade, was a very sad loss.

Oh, before going any further, pronunciation of Shivers is identical to spelling, like shivering cold, no long “I.”

Actually impossible to comprehend how diversified Ronnie was and how many different people and functions he assisted.

A hometown newspaper feature most appropriately, accurately, complimentarily identified him: “Mr. Volunteer.”

Among his many diverse talents, Ron was a horseman, active in leadership of several horse show groups He was demanded as a judge at a lot of horseshows for a number of years.

Often, Ronnie would adjudicate the same entries two days in a row; sometimes the same ones the next two-day weekend. That’s a difficult task for the best horsemen, and Ron was always credited as unbiased, completely fair to every participant.

For the first part of his career, starting at an early age, he was a trucker for several companies. Ronnie always pulled the air horn and kept it down whenever passing the ranch no matter the time of day.

Among Ron’s other early enterprises was hog operations partnering sometimes with his friend Allyn Thompson. 

Always an entrepreneur never shy to step out and try something new, Ronnie and Allyn decided to become auctioneers.

Friends went to school for the trade, returned to Dickinson County, hung their shingle and were in the auction business. Lots of folks have tried and failed what looks to be a romantic profession, auctioneering, but Ron and Allyn succeeded.

The always smiling, congenial, hardworking, fairest, most honest team soon had calendars filled with auctions of every caliber.

They handled duties for the ranch show pig auctions and were eager ring crew collecting bids at the annual horse sale.

Setback when Allyn passed but no letdown for the auction-realty business into recent weeks.   

Especially pleasing to Ronnie was the Auctioneers Hall of Fame induction; token displayed in his office with many other awards.

With all of his community volunteerism, first and foremost for Ron was family with special care always for wife Doris.

Reminded of Acts 20:35: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”