Energetic Enthusiasm To Tell Great Western Sport’s Entire Story Is Goal Of New Miss Teen Rodeo Kansas

“Go after life as if it’s something to be roped in a hurry before it gets away.”

A 15-year-old cowgirl’s philosophy while definitely strong indication of her futuristic enthusiasm for rodeo.

With apparent energetic attitude beyond her years, Emma Losh of Concordia is eager to tell rodeo’s story.

Emma Losh of Concordia has been selected as 2019 Miss Teen Rodeo Kansas. She will be attending rodeo activities around the state, often with Scotch a Paint gelding borrowed from her brother Hayden.

“There’s so much about our great Western sport of rodeo that many people all ages really don’t know,” Emma declared.

“My goal as 2019 Miss Teen Rodeo Kansas is to change that, make them all more aware and appreciative,” she added.

Selected for the prestigious cowgirl service role during pageantry at the Dodge City Roundup Rodeo, official coronation is February 2.

“The competition was several weeks ago, but I’ve been busy planning what I’ll be doing during my reign,” Emma insisted.

After the official crowning at Concordia with a supper program and dance, Emma will be scheduling activities.

“I’ll be attending rodeos throughout the state,” she said. “If any rodeo committee would like me to help, I want them to reach out to me. I want to do the best job possible for the sport of rodeo.”

Her vigorous intentions are to be highlighted during the sashing installation ceremonies with attendance by invitation.

“Actually, we would like for all of our acquaintances and interested rodeo people to come,” Emma said. “Just let me know, and I’ll make sure you’re on the invited guest list.”

Confidence in the new queen’s abilities is that she already has one year of royalty experience.

“I was privileged to serve as the 2018 Central Plains Rodeo Association (CPRA) Princess,” Emma noted. “I would like to thank all of my sponsors who made this great year possible.”

Her past year’s busy reign found Emma serving wherever needed at ten rodeos around state. “I was in grand entries, a flag bearer, moved cattle and promoted rodeo to spectators,” she said.

The daughter of Neil and Brenda Losh, Emma is a sophomore at Concordia High School. She is active in FFA, horse judging, cross country, track, and cheerleading.  

“I believe you have to get involved and give 100 percent in everything you do,” Emma verified.

With six divisions in the three-day pageant at Dodge City, Emma brought home five special recognitions.

She won the photogenic, speech, appearance, personality and horsemanship categories. “It really was tough, every part of the competition,” Emma admitted.

 “In horsemanship, I rode a horse I’d never seen before, knew nothing about, let alone ever ridden,” Emma explained. “The pattern was performed in front of a large crowd. It really went great. I was so nervous and excited all at the same time.”

Climaxing pageantry during the Dodge City Rodeo, Brooke Wallace, New Cambria, was named 2019 Miss Rodeo Kansas. Emma Losh, Concordia, will serve as 2019 Miss Teen Rodeo Kansas.

Brayley Frazier, Garden City, won the knowledge division and was named first runner-up to the teen queen. Second runner-up was Kaylee Couch of Fredonia.

Brooke Wallace, New Cambria, was selected as 2019 Miss Rodeo Kansas. Lexi Luce, Augusta, was named first runner-up for that crown. Both have served as Miss CPRA, 2017, and 2018, respectively.

 “I started riding in horse shows on Penguin,” Emma said. “An older Arabian-Quarter Horse cross with lots of ability, Penguin was perfect for me as a beginner. I really learned so much riding him.”

A young black mare called Coco is being trained by Emma for Western pleasure. “Coco is gentle and a lot slower,” Emma confided.

“Scotch is a 16-year-old dun and white Paint Emma borrows from her brother, Hadley. “I ride Scotch most of the time. I love his speed,” Emma said. “Scotch and I have meshed quite well for public appearances.”

In both rail and horsemanship events as well as running classes, Emma has collected many horseshow awards.

The cowgirl has also ridden on a couple of different drill teams.

“I participated with the local group and also on the Silver Buckle Drill Team,” Emma said. “We performed at a number of places, highlighted at Equifest.”

Naturally athletic, Emma added to her horseback repertoire with trick riding training.

“I had the opportunity to learn from Karen and Harry Vold at their rodeo ranch near Avondale, Colorado,” she said. “I got to ride their horses, learned so much about riding and got to know some great rodeo legends.”

Emma acknowledged: “I really appreciate everything my brother and my parents have done and continue to do for me.”

No slowdown insight as 2019 Miss Teen Rodeo Kansas matures. “I’m anticipating doing everything I can for the sport of rodeo,” Emma confirmed.

“God is my rock, and I will go wherever He leads me,” Emma insisted. “I may have ideas, but I always remember He is the one who opens the doors.”

Career plans are still developing, but the cowgirl looks to probably being an elementary school teacher.

“I’ll always be involved with horses and rodeo activities. That’s for sure,” guaranteed 2019 Miss Teen Rodeo Kansas Emma Losh.