Cowboy Never Slept In

“I’ve always liked to get up early, there was always lots of work that I needed and wanted to do.”

Generally the day started way before daylight horse waiting at the gate to be saddled and off to pasture work.

Cowboy has always been his first profession although Kenny Muller certainly has been successful in many agriculture endeavors.

Slowed down a bit the cowboy still rises at dawn anxious to pursue plans in his sharp forever active mind.

Family was joined by friends of a lifetime for Kenneth Muller’s 90th birthday celebration. Most know him as Kenny.

Moved from the ranch to town residence it’s been awhile since horseback, but the pickup gets daily use. Conversation always centers on heartfelt cowboy life in the Flint Hills.

Kenny was a grocery store carryout boy’s first and always hero-idol-mentor; be a cowboy just like him.

Perfect image always properly shaped hat, clean cut, sharp dressed, friendly, outgoing with saddled horse in the trailer.

In high demand for day work, Kenny assisted cattle owners over a wide area with roundup, branding, whatever needed.

Horsepower is essential for top cowboys and Kenny always rode the best.

Whether cutting a stray from the herd or roping a sick one for doctoring, his horse knew the job.

They were ranch raised result of Kenny’s horse breeding program headed by top stallion power.

Proof of quality came first with local winnings followed by recognition nationwide.

Kenny’s horses claimed halter championships then as pleasure riders soon earning reining and cow work awards. Collecting trophy saddles, Kenny put them to good use in his life’s trade.

Beyond a cowboy, Kenny has always been a leader starting in his own 4-H days. Then, guiding the Four Mile 4-H Club, serving Extension, fair board, swine groups, rodeo club, judging shows, coaching, much more. 

To ranch usually requires farming which Kenny did developing major cattle and hog operations. Diversity, yet Kenny’s forte was feeder pig entries dominating large competitions.

Most importantly Kenny and wife Donna’s children Suzanne and Richard followed family tradition earning statewide 4-H acknowledgement.

Both collected vast horseshow titles including dual state fair championships.

Richard’s home raised winning swine seed stock became demanded by Midwest hog breeders.

Reminded of First Samuel 29:10: “Get up early in the morning to get a full day’s work done.”