Congenial Service Is Appreciated

“Greenbacks are the best way to do business.”

The old boss insisted that paper money is the safest and most accurate way to handle payment and receipt transactions.

That was probably 40 years ago the comment was made. Certainly, the truly smart man always had a billfold seeming full of folding bills to buy our Monday dinner.

Have remembered the statement occasionally through time, it definitely came back after a recent horseshow. Headed out of town, the gas gauge was below half as pulled into the filling station. Sure didn’t want to run out and have to ride one horse and lead the other to the ranch.

Heart sank when pulled the billfold out of the glovebox and there was no credit card. Of course, the first thing running through the mind was “What happened to it?”

Couldn’t remember last time it was used or where could have lost it. But, realization soon dawned the biggest immediate concern was paying for pickup gasoline.

Unlike the former employer cash hasn’t been a form of paying for much of anything for several decades. Seems like if there happens to be any real hard dough readily available it’s usually spent for something unnecessary.

However, oddly and coincidently this time a twenty dollar bill was folded up in the hideaway.

Actually paying for gasoline with cash isn’t even that easy to do anymore. Most clerks get a concerned look whenever currency is brought out to pay for anything.

However, tucked away also was a personalized check blank which would seem worthless to make purchase that far from the ranch.

Explaining the moneyless-cowboy dilemma to the congenial service attendant, he knew the “20” wouldn’t go far to fill up.

With driver’s license as credentials, the nice gentleman agreed to take a cowboy’s check. Sometimes it’s even impossible to cash a check in a hometown let alone being a stranger in a distant community. An upper power was again lending a helping hand.

Made it back without problem, to find missing credit card in an unwashed shirt pocket where it’d be stuck. Replaced in the wallet with another greenback and unsigned check, they’ll likely be needed next time. Thankful the young fella trusted a cowboy-in-need on the road.

Reminded of First Corinthians 16:18:  “Fully acknowledge such men and deeply appreciate them.”