Wrecked Fence Needs Repaired

“Somebody came across the highway again, tore the fence down and a car’s out in the brome.”

Not much of a shock hearing the news as it’s happened a half dozen times in five decades.

Circumstances are generally similar although actually what really happened is usually never known.

Drivers from the east don’t adhere the stop sign and traverse the north-south main highway right across the field.

Obviously to continue into the ditch through rough terrain and beyond would indicate pedal-to-the-metal exceeding speed.

Likely other factors are involved whether just not paying attention, dozing, off, nipping a bit, too many medications, whatever.

Used to be it was an abandoned country road grown into timber where the intruding out-of-control vehicles were eventually stopped. At least one time a fatality resulted, and on other occasions minor and even sometimes serious injuries.

Now, trees and old lane are gone with fenced pasture. That doesn’t stop wild traffic intrusion, and always a major ordeal to get those wrecks out of the mess.

Exactly what happened this time remains vague although a full month has passed since the assumingly Friday morning incident. Uncertain exactly what to do initially so followed common knowledge advice and called “911.”

Phone answerer said the sheriff had been informed and law enforcement was on the way. With a tight morning appointment schedule decision was made to let officials take care of the matter.

Later found out that four sheriff’s cars from three counties showed up amply blinking red, blue, white lights. Would assume with so many lawmen recording devices, measuring tapes, pads in hand there’d be immediate complete details. But, there wasn’t.

Anyway, it’s completely incomprehensible extent of the damage that was done. Deep mud ruts which won’t heal readily with 14 posts including two heavy pipes set in concrete taken out. Five barbed wires were broken and strewn array.

Upon return the vehicle was gone with reports the wrecker had pulled it out doing additional damage in the process. Inspected later at the salvage lot, the car was complete loss; all bent up, every window broken, tires flat, rims bent.

Now to get somebody to pay for fixing the fence, but long ways from settled.

Reminded of Jonah 1:7: “Let’s get to the bottom of this identify the culprit who’s responsible for this disaster.”