Continued Efforts Yield Results

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

An old saying going back centuries has several meanings depending on the subject at hand.

Of course most agree to the mechanical aspect of the statement. When there’s friction in wheel rotation grease does at least stop the irritating noise until further attention can be given.

That’s led to common reference that the most noticeable problems are the most likely to get attention needed.

Others take advantage of such attitude to continue complaining about certain issues just to get their own way. Sometimes perhaps too often their demands are met in order to stop the argumentation and badgering.

Yet there is additional positive truth in the saying when it comes to getting action done on anything.

As a professional media marketing consultant, entire objective is to help others. That generally takes many avenues in order to completely spread the word about what they have to offer.

Of course paid advertising is one way. Yet which form is best to return the highest investment response?

The answer is not one but several. To get the word out about any matter requires marbles in a jar. A combination of efforts will work together to yield maximum results.

While helping promote a recent community attraction the event coordinator became destressed in lack of mutual interest and response.

Seeking assistance from various sources some were met with initial agreement to help but yet no follow through. They were either not keeping their word or procrastinating action from lack of desire thinking the matter would soon pass.

“You have to keep making contact explaining exactly what is being planned and who will benefit from the activity.”

That too can take many forms perhaps starting with a phone call to the one in charge. It generally has to be followed by a handwritten letter in the mailbox explaining important details.

From there an email will likely be opened and read followed by additional social media avenues. Certainly best of all is that personal handshake visit.

There are exceptions, but persistence generally yields positive results for every effort of true merit. One should not give up if there’s heartfelt belief in the project.

Reminded of Luke 11:8: “He will not grant him anything for friendship yet because of persistence he will provide him whatever is needed.”