Inspirational Service To Others

“Life is so precious very short making friends and family such importance only completely realized when one is lost.”

A crushing blow has been passing of the best friend true inspirational guiding confidant brother in spirit.

Call came that Ron Wilson had a stroke perhaps followed by a heart attack and he’d requested presence.

Upon arrival his children, two siblings and an uncle were bedside verifying Ron’s serious condition. Time was spent pacifying praying for the dearest yet unaware comrade.

Realizing the treasured life was only in God’s hands trust was given Him and His medical servants. Ron passed the following morning.

Complete heart sinking depressed sadness overcame reflecting inspiration and services provided in 56 years.

Two beanpole third-string seventh grade basketball players Ron a farm boy and the grocery store town kid wannabe cowboy met. On the cold armory floor lifetime friendship was born.

In high school highly intellectual yet country common Ron inspired as district star farmer and state public speaking finalist. Family farm was offered location for a rewarding vo-ag hog cooperative.

With a powerful noisy classic Ford Ron was transportation for the girl watching pair. When wannabe’s small cowherd became short of feed opportunity was presented to harvest hay on shares with farm family assistance.

Off to college Ron attended the cow college insistent the southbound friend follow trail for the second semester. Positive in many ways first day for wannabe on the campus bride-to-be became acquaintance.

As sophomore dormitory roommate, Ron served as wedding groomsman that summer on his 20th birthday.

Friendship enhanced while Ron went many avenues farming, drag racing, oilfield, trucker, feed-equipment distributor, insurance-investments, always fishing.

After several women friends, Marlene finally trapped Ron selecting his friend as wedding best man. Offering champagne reception toast “go forth and bear fruit,” the couple did with children Thomas and Amanda.

Machinist became Ron’s trade having been a school lathe perfectionist. Comradeship enhanced through decades being annually together when Ron and his family served as clerks for 25 horse sales.

With loss of beloved spouse and then job the friend deteriorated to passing.

Ron was always sought for inspiration, assistance, guidance and faith. Privately Ron was most devout forever giving from heart and pocketbook to those needing.

Reminded of First Peter 4:10: “One is given spiritual talent to graciously serve others.”