Cowgirl’s Generosity Heartfelt Appreciated

“The expression on your face was the best thanks and appreciation I would ever want or even imagine.”

Her comment wasn’t exactly like that, but close semblance after the horseshow friend showed off a new “quilt.”

Occasion was the horseshow circuit yearend banquet when the cowgirl displayed the blue, red and yellow compilation.

Room filled with horseshow riders from youngest to oldest all smiling radiantly rose in applause.

Obviously considerable hard work had gone into the unique brilliantly bright four-foot-by-five-foot quilt made with rosette ribbons won at horseshows.

How many isn’t known, but the blues for first, reds for second and yellow for third are artistically designed together. Larger rosettes with longer ribbon streamers for championships and gold yearend award medallions highlight the delicate piece.

No telling how many hours and hours of tedious heartfelt thinking, harmonizing, sewing went into the most appreciated gift. The humble seamstress cowgirl a champion in her own right wouldn’t give a hint as her grin expanded.

Making the lovely “bedspread” most cherished is the personalized embroidered Maggie and Cody. They are the horses entirely responsible for the collection. Undoubtedly to those great horses’ smirking scowls their wannabe-cowboy rider’s moniker is stenciled in too.

No, the horseshow ribbon quilt wasn’t made as cozy bedding on winter nights rather for display and admiration. It’s now appropriately hanging on the ranch house living room wall warming one’s heart.

Being truthful, the great present wasn’t a complete surprise. Discussing placings in a horseshow class last summer topic came up about value of the award tokens. “What do you do with your ribbons,” Joyce Troyer inquired.

Response without second thought: “You could make them into a quilt.” The idea appealed to her, and sure enough most fortunately that’s just what she did.

Ribbons and trophies even sometimes trophy buckles and saddles don’t have much if any meaning to many nowadays. Uncertain why that is unless they’ve always been winners and awards are taken for granted.

It’s likely true as our auctioneer friend insists: “A whole boxful of ribbons will only bring a quarter at the estate sale.”

Regardless for one always working toward horseback success they have sentimental value and thankful for another’s bigheartedness recognizing this importance.

Reminded of Ephesians 4:7: “Out of the generosity of Christ thankfully each is given a personal gift.”