More To Physical Fitness

“Exercise bicycles will only do any good when they are ridden.”

That’s true of any fitness device along with additional dedication and persistency requirements.

Television commercials make riding bicycles or workouts in the gym look easy perhaps even romantic.

Lots of people men and women are caught up in the promotions believing how their physical fitness will immediately improve.

Reports indicate sales of exercise equipment and memberships in bodybuilding programs have skyrocketed.

A month from now for sale ads everywhere will be filled with listings for exercise paraphernalia. “Used very little, like new, priced less than half of purchase price. Oh, just come make an offer, will deliver it free to get out of the house.”

Health clubs will have New Year Specials “Join now. Pay whatever desired, but please keep coming back. There are plenty of machines to work out on available at all times.”

Airwave commercials and even picture advertising emphasize the glamor of those fancy muscle developing machines with all the computerized gadgets.

The young photogenic already physically fit exercise gurus demonstrating the equipment are all smiles proclaiming how effortless it is.

There are never old people even any middle aged riders with extra pounds showing that it actually requires effort.

A lot more is required to get real value out of physical fitness programs than is advertised.

Those big name machines are high priced. However, a coworker went to the store next door and bought one for 70 percent less. A different brand but almost identical exercise bike for everything that really matters.

He remodeled his basement to watch television with his wife while they’re losing weight riding their new bicycles. It’s a great idea and perfect principle, but how long that’ll last is the real question.

Actually it’s not that hard to be finagled into believing all the wonders of the skinny models’ easy pedaling.

When the newspaper classified ad listed a “like new stationary exercise bicycle only $25,” somehow there was just no resistance.

Well this one isn’t exactly like those on TV, and for some reason cycling is hard work not always smiling.

Sure worth the effort though if it’ll just continue to become a young, handsome, energetic, physically fit cowboy.

Reminded of First Timothy 4:8: “Body exercise is useful but disciplined faith makes fitness today and forever.”