BlackJack Saddle Club Plans Shows

This year’s show schedule for the BlackJack Saddle Club has been announced by Albert De La Garza, president.

First point show of the season is Saturday morning, June 13, at Cico Park in Manhattan starting at 9 o’clock.

While all BlackJack Saddle Club shows are open to the public, club members’ points are tabulated for yearend awards.

Performance and speed events are planned with competition divided into age groups. Awards are to be presented to the top six riders in each class.

Highpoint awards will be given in both performance and speed divisions of each age category.

Advance entries are not essential, but have been requested with lower fees.

“BlackJack Saddle Club is dedicated to our members,” De La Garza said. “We strive to make each activity a pleasant and safe environment for all participants.”

Additional point shows this year, all starting at 9 o’clock, include June 27, Cico Park; July 3, location to be determined; August 22, Cico Park; September 20, Cico Park; and October 24, tentatively Cico Park.

Membership forms, rulebook, show bill, entry details and additional information about the BlackJack Saddle Club are available at, on Facebook, or by emailing