Support To Morris County 4-H Foundation Recognized at Banquet

Special recognition for support to the Morris County 4-H Foundation was given during a banquet Saturday at the fair building in Council Grove.

Both 2021 and 2020 honorees were recognized during the program moderated by Larry Johnson, foundation president. 

Ian Effland, Willing Workers 4-H Club, led the pledge of allegiance, and Cassidy Dalquest, Flint Hills 4-H Club, led the 4-H pledge.

Castyn Andres, Dwight Sunflower 4-H Club, presented a reading, and Shandi Andres, Flint Hills Extension Director, gave an update on the county 4-H program.

Token awards were presented by foundation trustees: Johnson: Cynthia Schrader, vice president; Larry Landgren, treasurer; and Valerie Woodall.

Honorees for 2020 included:

Patron Award: Billy Bacon Memorial, Keith Bacon Memorial, Sandra Bacon Memorial, All Around Veterinary Service Patricia Schroeder, Kevin and Karla Effland, Cathy Prudence, and Steve and Laura White.

Bronze Award: Jamie Beck, Helen Jensen, First Choice Meats, Fred and Barbara Goodman, James and Blanche Martin, Jim and Dona Selby, Angie Moxley Wiltz and Saddlerock Inc.

Silver Award: Gary Dalquest Memorial and Tiffany Cattle Company.

Gold Award: Mildred Holm Memorial, Nancy Landon Kassebaum Baker, and Larry and Karen Landgren.

Emerald Award: Eleanor Collier Memorial and Ron and Valerie Keys.

Diamond Award: Gordon and Deanna Smith.

Honorees for 2021 were:

Patron Award: Bachura Family Automotive, Gary and Diane Bolton, Matt and Nichole Hensley, Harold Hermstein, Marla Johnson Mayberry, Doris Morgan, John and Michelle Poole, Rocking KM Veterinary Service, Doris Chase Memorial and Leland Zerbe Memorial.

Bronze Award: Flint Hills 4-H Club, Hold ’Em Fence Company and Morris County Farm Bureau.

Silver Award; Russ and Shannon Banta, Amanda and DJ Bremer Council Grove Dairy Queen, Dwight Schrader Family, Marty Wright, Keith Bacon Memorial and Kenneth Muller Memorial   

Gold Award: Chris Galloway and Mary Alice Waylan Memorial.