Happiness Enlivened For Church Life With Secrets Unveiled In Pastor’s Book

Church attendance and participation in related activities make certain people very happy.

In contrast, there are stringent never-missing church attendees who are not happy. They only go because of their strong faith believing it is God’s strict command, although that’s not completely true.

For these believers following only what they think God demands of them is not a time of happiness and joy. They are in the pew every Sunday while feeling their “requirement” is fulfilled.

The happiest church members get to church early, stay late, typically attend Sunday school, and are heavily involved in church activities.

Dr. Terry Cutrer’s book “Secrets Of Being A Happy Church Member” delves deeply into why church can be so much fun for many. Yet such a boring obligation, considered wasted time, for others who’d rather be playing golf or skiing.

With a doctorate degree in ministry, Rev. Cutrer relates from his life’s experience serving six different churches since 1978.

“This book is addressed to those millions who want the joy of their church life as well as their salvation restored,” Rev. Cutrer’s introduction clarified.

Through 12 chapters, Rev. Cutrer discusses areas which increase happiness among church members. He relates personal experiences with those who are always happy as well as those who are scowling disgruntled.

Verses in the Bible are quoted relating how both the joyful and the disheartened have been since regularly attending church.

Briefly, according to Rev. Cutrer, participation in church beyond once-a-week an hour in-the-pew vastly increases happiness. That means church related activities every day whether helping with a supper, going to a concert, or talking to friends.

There’s a niche for everybody in church as no two people are the same. Teaching Sunday School, attending Bible study, reading the Bible at public gatherings, greeting church attendees make church more fun.

Many people find it difficult talking to others about their church life yet those who do generally find bright eyed listening ears. A simple comment about the pastor’s sermon or noting spiritual awareness among youth can be joyful church evangelism.

Church is a family affair seated together in a pew nudging a sister or dad then relishing that feeling again over the dinner table together. Often parents send their children to Sunday School but make no effort to ask “How did it go? What did you study about?”

Many parents feel obligation of taking their children to Sunday School, but do not attend personally. Doing that would increase joy for church life into family life.

Grace is a word which many people do not know the definition of and how it relates to church happiness. “Jesus taught us that our only hope for inheriting the kingdom of God comes through the grace of God,” Rev. Cutrer emphasized.

Actually, there are a number of definitions for grace discussed from different church members’ views and as related throughout the Bible.

Likely the most essential ingredient to be a happy church member is faith in God’s word and actions.

There are good days and bad days, but those with faith are never veering from working for God in their church.

Serving churches from Ohio to Mississippi, Rev. Cutrer is interim pastor at East Heights Baptist Church in Tupelo, Mississippi. He and his wife Dale have three daughters who are married with children and living in other states.

Many church members lack enthusiasm, joy, or happiness. This book is designed to restore all three to those who desire a truly enriching church life.

“Secrets Of Being A Happy Church Member” is readily available on the internet while the book promoter Chris Lopez at Lavidge L A V I D GE in Phoenix can be contacted for additional information clopez@lavidge.com.