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AmeriCANS’ Learn, Lead, Legacy For Depressed Nation’s Recovery

“Centuries of generational wisdom and faith that everyone needs to read for this nation’s restoration.”

While readily that is synopsis of author Richard V. Battle’s latest book, it is not intention of the writing.

“This country is in the worst shape financially, politically, and spiritually it has ever been.”

That’s the reason Battle authored “Made In America By AmeriCANS Not AmeriCAN’TS.”

“Not since the 1850s has our country been so divided about our future as we are now,” Battle insisted. “Every day government intrudes more and more into our lives.

“In every action they snatch from us a piece of our liberty. Our founders were skeptical of government power, which time bears out repeatedly since our country began its uneven ascent to power.

“Our freedom is like a muscle. We don’t exercise our responsibilities, we become weak,” Battle declared. “When we lose our string as citizens, we lose our rights, and become subjects to whatever tyranny has seized power.

“If we retain our place as the world’s superpower and dominant culture, we must restore the civil political debate in our country.”

Throughout the writing, Battle recalls the nation’s beginnings, hardships, defeats, and victories making this country the world power it has become.

Biblical passages are intertwined recognizing semblance of occurrences in history where personal prejudicial powerful influences bring ruination.

The author quotes generational leaders’ inspirational philosophies holding true today as when said centuries earlier.

American political activist, revolutionary Thomas Paine in 1776 said, “These are the times that try men’s souls. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly. It is dearness only that gives everything its value.”

Battle has divided his book into three categories learning, leading, and legacy.

“We stand on the shoulders of forbears and ancestors who couldn’t conceive our current opportunities,” Battle affirmed. “Our responsibility is to train and prepare generations who will stand on our shoulders.”

Achievable attributes would return the nation to civility and ensure future success

“We must speak on the issues while refraining from personal hostility. We must demonstrate maturity, restore common sense, believe, and communicate principle while avoiding moral relativism,” Battle stated.

“We must place country, state, and city over personal power. We must be an example as statement instead of displaying ambition and quest for personal power,” the author continued.

“We must resist the siren call of a government that wants to take care of us. We must oversight public servants reminding that they work for the citizens and not the citizens for them.”

President George Washington said,” A government is like a fire, a handy servant, but a dangerous master.”

“Our ancestors who built the America we enjoy were AmeriCANS,” Battle emphasized. “They created a representative republic offering individually economic and political freedom beyond anything ever seen.”

Four appendixes conclude the book with positive messages of proven principles to help people win every day.

Seasoned nuggets stimulate thought, lift spirits, and inspire action to enhance life becoming influential for years to come. The greatest gift one can offer another is encouragement.

Author Richard V. Battle, Lakeway, Texas, was a corporate executive with vast experience in sales, leadership, and volunteerism. Author of nine books, Battle, strong in faith, is a demanded motivational speaker and trainer.

Author Richard V. Battle has written nine books including his latest “Made In America By AmeriCANS Not AmeriCAN’TS.”

His books can be obtained online with additional information available at Books are promoted through Jeff Johnson who can be contacted by email


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