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‘Names’ Become Insight To Characters In Historical Fiction Book Of Adventurous, Turbulent Love Mystery

“Even more important than the name, is the person who has the name.”

“The Name I Choose” is a book written by Holly Brough who unravels a young woman’s changing names through challenges.

According to Proverbs 22:1, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.”

Is it a romance, a mystery, adventure, heart-breaking love, crime, hardship, retaliation, reprieve, dreams coming to reality?

“Spellbinding” perhaps best describes this long but intriguing text covering all the above words making a lay reader become absorbed.

Not particularly enjoying reading until maturity, Brough dedicated this first successful attempt to her “mother who loved books.”

Identifying the work as historical fiction, the author clarifies some characters and events are real, others created to enhance drama. Detailed colorful, most descriptive verbiage enhances reader interest in the developing individual stories within.

The prologue creates inquisitive yearnings though lacking much meaning until reading the book entirety.

While written in understandable English, the book has a Spanish setting with common words and names of the language incorporated.

Amalia is the main character uprooted from her near loveless parents as a teenager into an abusive menial estate workplace. Treated with cruelty, Amalia finds liberating romance with a future king only to be betrayed alone and with child.

For security of her unborn, the teenager flees to refuge from the haunting past as her “condition” becomes publicly apparent. Struggling only drives Amalia downward until an unlikely ally provides assistance.

Suspense becomes most enthralling as turmoil develops more intensely with birth of a son. Then additional disreputable employment Amalia becomes more cautious of everyone most decisively a suitor only offering help with heartfelt love.

The concluding index brings meaning to leading characters’ names Amalia follows in a cherished book received from a reprieving confidant.

Amalia means “work, labor,” and she becomes Lea Tavio, “tired, left behind,” and finally Alanna “at peace.” Her friend Sonia has “watchful wisdom.” Meandering suitor Francisco is “adventurous,” then Joshua “saves” Amalia.

Revealing the climax, with no cliffhanger, nor another heartbreak, all ends well to live happily ever after.

Hope for author of the book is it guides hearts opening to victims experiencing hardships as she has personally. “To trust again and most importantly forgive themselves,” Bough desires.

“Christ is our healer and knows what we suffer,” Bough emphasizes. “But it is often through another person that He lifts our burdens.”

Holly Bough, South Jordan, Utah, values books as helpful, providing adventure, hope, solutions, and insight through the eyes of another. More about the author can be found at

Author Holly Brough, South Jordan, Utah, values books as helpful, providing adventure, hope, solutions, and insight through the eyes of another.

The book can be acquired on the internet with information available from Taylor Moralez representing Lavidge in Phoenix, Arizona,

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