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Pandemic Impact On Churches Now Requires Alertness to Continue The ‘Great Commission’

God’s mission for the church has always been simply three parts “going,” baptizing,” and “teaching.”

It is known as the “Great Commission” with the objective to make disciples of all ethnic groups around the world. Helping others “grow into identification obeying Christ’s commands in the presence and power of Christ.”

Most people likely never heard of the Great Commission or about God’s instructions as stated in Matthew 28. It is quite complex to seemingly be so simple.

Church leaders and members get sashayed from God’s mission with facilities attendance, promotions, and bank accounts. Hand always out wanting more donations so God will return rewards in the hereafter. “Buying a place in Heaven,” as some have described.

Coronavirus impacted churches like everything else in the world, sometimes with even more severe consequences.

“It changed the way churches are today and how they’ll serve God’s people in days to come,” said Dr. Jerome E. King.

Last year, 2022, while coronavirus was rampaging with questions and mortalities, King wrote “How To Avoid the Malpractice Of Ministry.”

He provides insight to “modern medicine for ministry in a post pandemic era.” Effort is to never compromise the Great Commission while delving into a purpose-driven church.

Lessons learned from malpractice in the medical profession help illustrate problems which can and do occur in churches.It urges churches to avoid the malpractice of ministry by taking proactive steps without compromising the church.

Leadership and biblical scholarship are combined to help transform church ministries for the new era following the pandemic.

The process identifies symptoms and diagnoses ministry problems to incorporate proven measures with promising outcomes.

Ministry must be based on the prayerful implementation of biblical integrity, sound organization theory, and responsible ministry practice.

“It is my hope that this book inspires a different view of ministry and responsible church leadership,” King said. “In short, this book aims to provide medicine for ministry.”

Dr. Jerome E. King has more than 30 years in ministry and leadership experience. An Air Force veteran with doctorates in ministry and leadership, King is a pastor, consultant, and executive at Luther Rice Seminary.

Available in various printed and audio forms on the internet, the book was printed by WestBow Press, a self-publishing alliance. Information is also available from book promoter Ashley Fletcher at LAVIDGE in Phoenix


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