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Kansas City Outlaws Sign Professional Bull Riders World Champion As Assistant Coach

The Kansas City Outlaws is one of eight founding teams in the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Team Series, which begins in July.

World Champion Guilherme Marchi will join the team as assistant coach. working side-by-side with head coach J.W. Hart. They’ll be focusing on rider development, and specifically expanding the team’s recruiting efforts in Brazil.

Marchi has one of the most significant records in PBR. He is the all-time leader in qualified rides with 635.

“I’m very happy to announce that I’m part of the Kansas City Outlaws team,” said Marchi. “We will work hard to get good results. I hope to meet all the expectations of the team, assisting Coach Hart.”

“It’s no secret that there is great talent in Brazil. We felt that the Kansas City Outlaws needed to spearhead the Brazilian bridge,” said Hart. “We’ve kept Marchi a pretty good secret for six months. He lives in Brazil and can scout and develop guys that fit our system. The toughness and durability throughout his career are exactly what we want.”

J.W. Hart and Guilherme Marchi are coaches of the Kansas City Outlaws, one of eight founding teams in the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Team Series, which begins in July.

“We are excited to welcome Marchi to our coaching staff,” said Jim Smith, Kansas City Outlaws general manager. “Anytime you can add to your team a world champion whose philosophy aligns with J.W.’s, it is a good day. He and J.W. will make a great coaching team, and we are very excited for the 2023 PBR Teams Season.”

Marchi’s path to the Outlaws began at the conclusion of the 2022 season as Kansas City began to plan for their 2023 championship push. That was a firm commitment to further develop their international footprint and recruit the next great talent from abroad.

With Hart and Marchi sharing a similar approach to rider development, and family values, the pairing was a natural fit.

Marchi will transition into his new role with his name firmly etched into the PBR record books.

No rider in PBR history has stayed on more bulls than Marchi; the all-time ride leader with 635 qualified elite series rides.

The determined rider retired from U.S. competition after the 2018 PBR World Finals, where he competed 15 consecutive times 2004-2018.

During his 15-year career, Marchi won 25 premier series events, including the PBR World Finals in 2005. He came heartbreakingly close to becoming a multi-time world champion, finishing runner-up in the world standings four times (2005-2007, 2012).

His accomplishments and approachability have helped PBR move into the mainstream. In 2016, Men’s Fitness named him “the fittest athlete in sports,” putting him on the magazine’s cover.

No stranger to the role of coach, Marchi led Team Brazil at the 2020 Global Cup USA.

The 2023 PBR Team Series season begins July 24-25 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Outlaws will welcome the seven other teams in the league to Kansas City for the second event of the season on August 3-5.

The bull riding action for the 2023 PBR Team Series’ Outlaw Days at T-Mobile Center begins at 7:45 p.m. on Thursday, August 3, and Friday, August 4, and 6:45 p.m., on Saturday, August 5.


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