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Professional Horses Of The Year Announced

Success in the sport of rodeo doesn’t fall on just the cowboys and cowgirls. Their horses play just as big of factor when they step foot in the arena.

The Nutrena Horse of the Year Awards presented by the American Quarter Horse Association provide recognition to the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) top horses.

The top three horses in each category are listed below.

Team Roping Header

Mr Joes Shadow Bar, “Joe,” ridden by Clint Summers, owned by Clint Summers; (Tie for second and third) Espuela Bro, “Spur,” ridden by Tyler Wade, owned by Tyler and Jessi Wade; and LR Gatlin, “Colt,” ridden by Nelson Wyatt, owned by Nelson Wyatt.

Team Roping Heeler

Kadabra King, “Turbo,” ridden by Patrick Smith, owned by Patrick and Christi Smith; (Tie for second and third); Two Socks Chic Cody, “Garfield,” ridden by Hunter Koch, owned by Hunter Koch; and Apolo Oak, “Apollo,” ridden by Paul Eaves, owned by Paul Eaves; and fourth TRR Freckles Holidoc, “Cantina,” ridden by Logan Medlin, owned by Logan Medlin.

Steer Roping

Son of a Glow, “Junior,” ridden by Slade Wood, owned by Slade Wood; second, JS Frosty Badge Badger, “Goose,” ridden by Scott Snedecor, owned by Scott Snedecor; and third, Mesquitewood, “San Antone,” ridden by Cody Lee, owned by Cody Lee.

Steer Wrestling

EDS Famous Bar, “Eddie,” ridden by Dalton Massey, Tanner Milan, Stephen Culling, Ryan Shuckburgh, Curtis Cassidy, Mike McGinn, J.D. Struxness, owned by Tanner Milan; second, Dashin Haze, “Tyson,” ridden by Jesse Brown, Dakota Eldridge, Kyle Irwin, Curtis Cassidy, owned by Curtis Cassidy; and third, Be Dun By Three, “Benz,” ridden by Clayton Hass, Ty Erickson, Will Lummus, owned by Clayton Hass.

Tie-Down Roping

Stylish Bugsy, “Bugsy,” ridden by Shane Hanchey, Caleb Smidt, and Hunter Herrin, owned by Shane Hanchey; second, Chuchara Sal, “Sally,” ridden by Ty Harris, Joel Braden Harris, owned by Ty Harris; and third, Seven S Tomahawk, “Smoke,” ridden by Haven Meged, owned by Haven Meged.

Barrel Racing

Fame Fire Rocks, “Poprocks,” ridden by Taycie Matthews, owned by Mission Ranch LLC; second, Jets Top Gun, “Benny,” ridden by Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, owned by Busby Quarter Horses; and third, Fiery Miss West, “Missy,” ridden by Jessica Routier, owned by Gary A. Westergren.

Breakaway Roping

No Wimpy Turns, “Onna,” ridden by Shelby Boisjoli, owned by Shelby Boisjoli; second, Kits Tiana Play, “Little Man,” ridden by Kelsie Domer, owned by Kelsie Domer; and third, Baybe Bullet, “Baybe,” ridden by Joey Williams, owned by Taylor and Joey Williams.

Pickup Horse

Baby Hes Hot, “Baby,” ridden by Tyler Kraft, owned by Tyler Kraft; second, Buckle Set, “Wiggles,” ridden by Josh Edwards, owned by Josh Edwards; and third, Drifters Docs Clay, “Bay,” ridden by Tommy Pettit, owned by Tommy Pettit.


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