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“Time To Keep Quiet”

“Never miss a good chance to shut up.”

Will Rogers said it first, and the quote has often been repeated, usually to ears refusing to listen.

Certainly, qualified to once again make the statement after seven decades of always talking too much.

Few students if any were in trouble for yakking more often in nearly 17 years of attending school.

Little attention was paid to the educators’ reprimands and the talkativeness has continued throughout life.

Awareness of the fact became apparent at meetings of more than a handful of boards on which elected to serve.

It is essential for all sides of any issue to be brought forward to be discussed. Opinions are widely varied on most subjects and can create serious arguments and lifelong misunderstandings.

There are two sides to nearly every decision to be made. In the freedom of this country’s democracy, majority vote determines the outcome of the topic at hand.

Despite disliking the conclusion, there is no legitimate way at that point to dispute the voting outcome. However, the subject can be brought up again at a later date with changing views presented and another voting process taking place.

Some people will not express their opinion on any subject due to being afraid of disagreeing with others.

It is impossible to have change hopefully that being progress for betterment without different philosophies. None might be right or wrong, but hearing all sides is essential in a democracy for which blessings are many.

So, there is generally a time to keep quiet and as importantly when to share an opinion based on experience.

Nobody likes it when one person rattles on and on dominating any conversation. Typically, there is no way to congenially ask or tell them to please be quiet so somebody else can talk.

Interrupting another one speaking is quite rude, but sometimes the only way to get words in edgewise.

Everybody has a legitimate right to their opinion, and it must be expressed for others to know. Whether there is agreement or not is their personal right.

So, there is a time to be quiet and as well as the occasion to air opinion. Always. let others express their views, too.

Reminded of Psalm 107:30: “They are glad because they were quiet; so, He bringeth them unto their desired haven.”



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