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Life’s Continuing Challenging Tribulations Answered In Spiritual Words Through Fictional Religious Novel

It is nearly impossible to put aside reading Bree L. Taylor’s “Walking In Her Own Shoes A Journey Of Faith.”

Defined as a fictional religious novel, the book, written in apparent second person, gives the feeling of a biography or autobiography.

The writing is quite inspirational while supporting the most trying times with Biblical passages.

While the life trials from early childhood through death are momentous, they can obviously to even lay readers be true to life.

Yet the vast extent of the challenging situations which must be faced and handled seem beyond even real life.

It might be possible for one person to have that many life difficulties, but it is not likely to be of that extreme.

However, each often tragic dilemma is answered with God’s Word. There’s nothing new under the sun.

Somebody somewhere has experienced these true to life dramatic hardships. With heartfelt belief and patience, the Bible holds all solutions regardless the extreme.

Bringing everyone through context of the writing is to believe in God as their personal savior. This is generally accomplished with only a few exceptions.

Each issue from childhood through death is answered in God’s Word with one exception.

That seems perhaps to be a discrepancy in the author’s composition, an unanswered void in the writing to certain reviewers.

Every situation regardless how horrid it seemed and was had the answer in God’s Word and was solved with that one exception.

The main character Ariana cared for her daughter Caitlyn through the most serious personal, physical, and mental dilemmas. All were answered through scripture coming to relief and life.

However, When Caitlyn disowned her mother without reason or related cause, there was never an answer. No support was provided in scripture or in any form through the writing.

This created what one might define as a “cliffhanger,” most inappropriate for a writing of such appeal and inspiration this book provided.

To say the least, it was a disappointment in the author, and perhaps the book itself.

Unfair to place this serious judgement on such an inspirational work deserving direct quotations of certain messages.

Shoes are for walking and the author filled literally thousands of different shoes all tied to strength provided in the Bible and God’s Word.

They were Shoes Planted On Solid Ground, appropriate title of the book’s final chapter.

Noteworthy to point out that each chapter was titled from youth through adulthood trials and tribulations.

Challenges are deliberated through not only God and the Bible, but various other sources.

While evangelical churches seem dominant, a number of religions are experienced including Catholicism and Judaism. When one church door closed, another was opened in search of answers.

Support is provided through professionals ranging from mental to physical to personal experience as assistance to one another.

Not scripture, the author quoted three others as advice for living life from the heart.

“Walking is a spiritual journey and reflection of living.” — Edie Littlefield Sundby.

“Each person’s grief has it own fingerprint. Every journey of sorrow has a unique map.” — John Mark Green.

“God gives His toughest battle to His greatest soldiers.” — Demarcus Cousins.

Best to summarize the book “whether one believes it or not,” there is only one way to Salvation.

“Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” — John 14:6.

Published by WestBow Press, “Walking In Her Own Shoes A Journey Of Faith” is available in various forms on the internet.

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