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Biomass Market Shows Growth Potential

Expanding the market for biomass-based products, which include furniture, bioplastics, and biofuels, would create new sources of revenue for the agricultural sector, USDA said.

It recommends a broad-ranging effort by the government to encourage greater production.

“The increasing demand for biomass is a golden opportunity to expand markets and create new revenue for American farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners, particularly in rural areas,” USDA said.

“This comprehensive roadmap will strengthen our production and preprocessing systems to provide incentives for producers and manufacturers, so that biomass can be used to fuel the American bioeconomy.”

The report called for research to assess the current market and availability of biomass crops, trials of new biomass crops, and methods to harvest and use those crops; further development of bio-manufactured and bio-based products; and training programs to prepare workers for jobs in the biomass industry.

“Farmers will not risk planting crops without established markets,” USDA said.


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