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Stress Continues As Challenging Strain For Agriculture Professionals

“There are many things that can be blamed when a suicide occurs.” A struggling or broken marriage, extreme economic challenges, lifestyle choices that conflict with personal or family beliefs, bullying, the hardship of multiple stressors, perceived failure in life, or strain from mounting life.

Many Workplace Abilities Require ‘No Talent’

A number of farming operations can teach employees how to do the tasks required for a job. However, traits they can’t teach tend to be more important for the employees to succeed with the job, according to Don Tyler of Tyler & Associates Job Management.

Strategies Given For Staying Profitable In A Changing Market

Al Kluis, managing director of Kluis Commodity Advisors, has offered suggestions to help farmers stay profitable in the years ahead. Meet with your landowners, Kluis advised. Bring along a quote sheet showing the futures prices through 2025. Also, to make it real, bring along the local cash bids through the fall of 2025.

Powerball Winnings Build 47,000 Acre Dream Ranch

After the shock of winning a multimillion-dollar Powerball jackpot wears off, one of the first things these lucky folks typically do is quit their job. However, South Dakota cowboy Neal Wanless did the exact opposite.

Case IH Also Has New All-Electric Farmall Tractor

Not to be left behind, Case IH has also announced production of a fully electric tractor. As Farmall celebrates its 100th anniversary, Case IH said the new Farmall Utility 75C Electric tractor, the company’s first fully electric tractor, is built with self-sufficient features.

First Fully Electric Tractor Unveiled In Missouri

The University of Missouri has rolled out its first all-electric tractor calling it a “revolutionary piece of technology” that could pioneer new agricultural practices and make farming more efficient and sustainable.