Saddle Fit And Selection Still Key; R Bar B Is Most Diverse Family Business Serving The ‘Western Lifestyle’

“Russ has a saddle fitting today.”

That seems to be the frequent response when calling for the co-proprietor at The R Bar B, northeast of Topeka.

However, making sure saddles properly fit the horse and its rider, although an extremely important need, is a mere sampling of diverse services and offerings Brown and his wife Dina provide horse-inclined enthusiasts throughout the Midwest.

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Picturesque White Memorial Camp On The Council Grove Reservoir offers great getaway opportunities for all in the beautiful flint hills

“It’s the best kept secret anywhere.”

“Actually, White Memorial Camp, on the north shores of the picturesque Council Grove Reservoir, is the worst kept secret, because so many people really aren’t aware of these beautiful, well-kept facilities and the many opportunities offered,” according to Don Peterson, public relations coordinator of the White Memorial Camp Management Group, Inc.

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Rocking V Ranch Provides Services To Horse Enthusiasts As ‘Topeka’s Finest Equine Center’

Living in the city and wanting to ride a horse creates a complicated equation.

Living in the city and desiring to learn horsemanship skills, ride in in the country and maybe even compete in horse shows make a more complex situation.

Living in the city and with all one’s heart wanting to own a horse, have a place to keep it fairly close but yet without having to feed and care for it in the middle of the winter add to seemingly endless problematic issues.

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Historic Pioneer Bluffs Ranch Education Center At Matfield Green Sets Weekend Events

One of the oldest and most picturesque ranch headquarters in the world is planning its annual fall celebration this weekend.

“Pioneer Bluffs is the ranch started in 1859 when Charles Rogler settled on Flint Hills grassland near what is now Matfield Green in Chase County. The headquarters with a dozen vintage ranch buildings have been preserved as a National Historic Landmark, and are a nationally renowned and respected heritage education center,” according to Lynn Smith, who serves as executive director. Continue reading →

Family Show To Highlight Bull Riding Series Championship

It’ll be a family affair for the bull riding series championship at Junction City.

“Our three-month, six-performance DEL Motors Live Bull Riding competitions at Corey’s Country Corral have been so popular and successful that we’ve decided to make the Bull Riding Finals feature a full slate of activities on Saturday, Aug. 10,” announced Carl Corey at Corey’s Country Corral, located in Grandview Plaza, just off I-70, Exit 299. Continue reading →

From 4-H Project to historic ranch, Wildcat Creek fast becomes recognized top red angus operation

Ssince the writing of this article,  Wildcat Creek Ranch has since been dispersed.

“Our children are actually the ones responsible for starting our Red Angus herd.”

While that’s not real uncommon, few if any operations have grown as rapidly in size and quality as Wildcat Creek Ranch of Peabody.

Clarifying initial remark, owner Klee Robert Watchous (whose first name is pronounced  “Clay”), at his Newton headquarters office, said, “We got into the Red Angus business, along with horses, hogs, even rabbits, really, because our children wanted to show animals in 4-H.” Continue reading →