Frank J. Buchman

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Hitchhikers Might Really Need A Ride

Who is that stranger along the road with the thumb up? Hundreds of times we’ve passed hitchhikers along the road. A few times we’ve stopped and given them a ride. There have even been occasions when we’ve gone by so fast we hardly saw them, made a u-turn, returned and offered our service.

More Extravagances Than Often Considered

Oh, how wasteful we are. Even as conservative and as much of a tightwad we proudly proclaim to be, we sure are a spendthrift, when evaluated honestly. It’s not just in a couple of places, but nearly everything we do actually demands more efficiency and appreciativeness.

Time To Get The Birthday Baby Back Into Christmas

How many people don’t know what Christmas really is? An interesting survey might reveal shocking and, to say the least, very upsetting results. Controversy over use of abbreviations for the word Christmas, such as Xmas, has been debated for decades. Mrs. Burton, our fourth grade teacher, reprimanded us when we used that abbreviation, demanding we […]