May Day Reflects Blessings Of Spring

Long gone are the days when on the first of May, we’d take a colorful cupcake holder, twist a pipe cleaner handle on it, place a stick of gum, two small pieces of candy and a lilac bloom in the “little basket,” put it outside the door of a classmate’s home, knock
hard and run off, so we wouldn’t get caught and kissed.

That’s the way we remember making and delivering May Baskets five decades ago. Maybe it wasn’t quite that way, but somewhat similar. Don’t know if the custom has continued, because we don’t seem to hear anything of such happenings nowadays.

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Easter The Greatest Of All Days

Church pews will be fuller April 8, than on any other Sunday of the year.

Rightfully so, as people recognize and celebrate the greatest day of all eternity.

Sad part of the glorious Easter will be that the next weekend, church attendance will approach an all time low. Likewise, church attendance increases during the Christmas season, and it is always record low the following week.

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