Reason Behind Fourth Of July Holiday Must Be Remembered

Fourth of July is really Independence Day.

Many don’t realize that seemingly obvious statement.

All too often, the only consideration given to the annual holiday, on July 4, is that it’s a day off from work and a time for shooting firecrackers. Some think about a picnic, the
parade and a special night fireworks show, but less frequently each year do people express knowledge and appreciation for the reason for the celebration.

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Bumper Wheat Crop Salvation For Mankind

We’ve never been a farmer.

There may have been a time four   decades ago when we wanted to be, and maybe even a period that we thought of   ourselves as one. But, when the raccoon broke its back trying to pick seed corn   out of the crooked rows we planted with the two–row lister on a 1939 John Deere   B, the writing on the wall was clear that we were not cut out to be farmer.

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