Grand Ole School Days Basis For Lifetime Of Learning

First day of school is the beginning of the best days of the rest of a person’s life.

We were reminded of that with the “so early” start of school. Ours always began either the day before or the day after Labor Day, except for one year, and we know for certain, the first one half day of school was on Labor Day. We remember it specifically because Mom and Dad picked us up at noon, and we went to see our uncle in Wichita.

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Power To Command Nature Most Apparent In Lightning

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice.

So the saying goes, and God forbid it ever hits the same spot where we are.

Technically, lightning is caused by the discharge of electricity between clouds or sandwiched amid clouds and the earth. During a thunderstorm, there is a buildup of rain in clouds which gather electricity until the cloud’s surface is insufficient to carry the charge, and a discharge takes place, producing a brilliant flash of light and thunderclap.

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Second Best Is All The Dog Gets

A dog is often said to be man’s best friend, and many women likely feel the same about canine friendship.

Most folks like dogs, although there are some who despise them. Those with a strong appreciation for their dogs have generally had an all time favorite. Just mention the name, and any acquaintance will know who is being talked about.

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