Pumpkins Indicative Of Festive Thankfulness

Let’s have another piece of pumpkin pie; with whipped cream on top, of course.

Of all the pumpkins in the fields, at stores and displayed on porches and window sills in natural form or carved as jack-o-lanterns, the real reason, and best use in our opinion, for pumpkins is good ole pumpkin pie. Well, maybe a little pumpkin bread now and then.

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Saints And Souls Need Remembered More Than Halloween

What’s all this fuss about Halloween?

Stores have been displaying merchandise for the day since August, and many homes have Halloween decorations like they do at Christmas time. As a youth, we participated in those activities, dressing as a Panda bear one year, because we had an outfit left over from a dance recital, if one can believe that. A couple of years, we were Bugs Bunny?

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Sowing Time Upon Us In More Ways Than One

Wheat sowing is going full steam ahead in the “Breadbasket of the World.”

All time high prices point to record plantings in the wheat state, producer of nearly one-fifth of all wheat grown in the United States.  World production is down, and prices at Kansaselevators have been recorded at all time highs of over $8.65 a bushel. That’s sharply above the $5 market a year ago.

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Strength Of Horses Remains Through All Seasons

A horse is all we ever wanted.

While classmates pleaded for a new ball glove or a BB gun, that was not so with us. We wanted a horse from the first time we can remember. We’d ride every broom as if it were a horse, set across the end of the divan imagining it was our horse, and bounce the springs on the rocking horse such that Grandma warned us they were going to break.

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