Frank J. Buchman

Cowboy • Horseman • Writer

Life Is In Our Hands

Hands tell many stories. Our hands are needed for lots of things we do, and they can reveal a great deal about a person. Big hands, small hands, medium-sized hands: all are uniquely different. Long, skinny fingers, short-stubby fingers, badly deformed arthritic fingers, ordinary fingers: all similar yet individual. Like fingerprints, no two hands are […]

Copper Coin Worth More Than A Cent

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” Who said that? Was it Will Rogers, Benjamin Franklin or another philosopher of days gone by? Whoever it was, we’ve always liked the idea and agreed with it. Of course, a person could substitute a nickel, a dime, a dollar, a two-dollar bill (if he could find one) […]

More Importance Than Which Shirt Is Worn

Fancy shirts don’t make the cowboy. Evidently that’s not the opinion of some in the livestock way-of-life. Admittedly, we have gone through stages in upper body wear, but stories we’ve heard from certain stockmen recently contrast any of our variations. Thankfully, one thing hasn’t changed: cowboys must wear long-sleeved shirts.

More Good Than Bad In Destructive Beavers

Beavers aren’t as bad as many folks think. One would never agree with that when seeing how they can destroy beautiful timbers, block up valuable water flows and drain ponds by digging through the dam. First hand is our experience with beavers. Tree loss has been voluminous, but not really too great value wise. Damage […]