Increased Snake Count May Serve As Warning

Snakes seem to be more prevalent than usual.

Like most folks, we really don’t like snakes, but there sure have been many around this year. We haven’t heard anything scientific, yet wonder if there might be some  correlation between the expanded numbers and weather patterns. Could it be the   snakes are warning about the increased storms over wider portions of the country?

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Most Problems Really Just Strength Builders

Don’t cry over spilled milk.

That old, often-heard comment is true, but frequently forgotten when the milk glass tips over. Best thing to do is call the cat or dog in, but if pets aren’t allowed inside, next option is to spoon up as much as possible in their bowl and put it on the doorstep. Only other choice is to mop up the white mess and forget it.

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How The Ball Is Played Counts Most

A ball’s a ball, a ball’s a ball, a ball’s a ball and a ball’s a ball.

That’s about all we know about ball games. Oh, we know which is a baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, golf ball, soccer ball and polo ball. Yet, when asked how each is used and rules governing their games, we know very little.

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