Walnut Never Comes In Knotty-Pine Scams

Anything too good to be true usually is just that.

Since we’ve had personal e-mail, we’ve “won” or “been given” at least a zillion dollars, if there is such an amount. Not a day passes that we don’t get an e-mail from an unknown person, usually in Africa, informing us of our great fortune. Many of those
corresponding, as if we were on a first name basis, are “dying from an unknown cause.”

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‘Beautiful’ Prairie Weed Continues Perennial Threat

Thistles are certainly noxious and obnoxious as well.

A lady from the city was driving down the country road and saw a pasture consumed by musk thistles, pulled to a stop, got out with her camera and took dozens of pictures of “those beautiful flowers.” She did not go into the pasture, nor attempt to touch the malicious weeds, or her opinion would have surely changed.

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