Never Complain About August Rains

Lush crops and pastures with overflowing water sources can’t be beat in August.

Not all locales are that fortunate, but many in the agriculture business are smiling because of the late summer moisture and cooler days. An old saying, “It was a million dollar rain,” certainly is true. Actually, the number would higher than that, with everything presently so increased in value, compared to when the adage was first

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Parents Are Meant To Assist Their Children

Moms and dads are supposed to help their kids.

Controversy has surrounded fairs for as long as we can remember, and maybe since beginning of 4-H and FFA members’ involvement in them, about parents helping their children with projects. Fair books, containing rules and guidelines for participation,
in many cases demand that “all work with projects must be done by the exhibitor.”

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The Judge Is Always Right

Judging is an opinionated profession.

Now, we’re talking about evaluation of production, be it horses, cows, dogs or ears of corn. Problem with judging is that everybody wants to win, and there can only be one
first place. Remainder of the entries must be ranked lower. Since entering our initial chicken judging 43 years ago, we’ve been hooked on looking at and ranking livestock.

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