Time To Reconsider True Meaning of Murder

“You shall not kill.”

It is one of the Ten Commandments brought to the people by Moses from God. Besides that, killing is against man-made laws, as well.

Yet, people are killed every day, and the murderers sometimes go free, for reasons not
necessary to discuss at this point. Many people have been killed, and continue to be killed daily in wars around the world, as they have since the beginning of time. We do not know how the slayers are judged in the Hereafter, and that is not our call.

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Solutions Come Through Patience

Patience is the key to most problems.

Likewise, impatience is the reason for many dilemmas.

There are those persons who used to agitate us for their high degree of tolerance. To us, they were just too slow getting anything done. Looking back, in reality, their  fortitude prevented them from repeating the task. Persistence got the job finished without mishap.

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Much Worse Itch Than Chiggers

There’s an itch that needs a scratch.

That saying has various connotations, but what fits us now is those almost-invisible red grass bugs that are pestering us all over our feet, up our legs and into unspeakable places. Few have ever accused us of being sweet, but there’s some reason for the attraction chiggers have always had for us.

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