Politicians Still Morally Wrong

Don’t believe anything you hear.

Lying is commonplace, and now it is evidently even being encouraged. Aftermath of the recent election revealed that much ridicule and many of the promises, claims and  counter-claims were lies. However, that’s all fine and dandy, according to man-made rules. Be a politician, say whatever you want (true or false), and the laws don’t apply.

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Game Birds Remain As Seasons Change

Upland game bird seasons bring back childhood memories.

It wasn’t quite the burning desire of having a horse, but hunting was right up with fishing in our anticipation of activity as a youngster. Because (TV) cowboys always had a gun on their hip, that was our style, as well. We’d seldom be seen without a pistol
and holster strapped on and drawstring tied tight. We had several play rifles, too.

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