One Home Must Never Be Locked

Locked doors keep people out.

That’s their purpose, certainly, and in most circumstances, the lock does prevent invaders. However, if somebody really wants to find out what is behind the closed entry, they’ll find a way inside. Despite security lights and alarm systems of every type, there is a method to get to the other side.

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Mail Carriers Really Best Government Has To Offer

Few receive more flak than the Post Office.

Ashamed and embarrassed, we are guilty as accused of making snide remarks, as well. “It’s the only Post Office and acts like it, too.” As true as that might be, everyone must agree, despite contradictory comments and sour gut feelings on occasions, service of the United States Postal Service is truly miraculous.

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One Open Gate More Important Than Runaway Horses

“Horses are out.”

Seems that’s frequently heard on the telephone, from the back porch, a kitchen window watcher and worst of all in the middle of the night when the front doorbell rings. Chills run down our back as a dash is made to figure how to get the round-up completed before horse, human or something else gets hurt. While it’s usually ours, it isn’t always.

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Pills Can Be Helpful Or Harmful

Medication is a godsend, yet it must be combined with common sense.

Effects of drug use are miraculous to say the least, and not only ease suffering and pain, but cure and heal as well. It is beyond earthly comprehension how such can occur. Researchers take the credit, and it is due to their development, without denial, but there is an unknown cooperating hand that finalizes the formula, one must admit.

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