Returning To Childhood Ways Sometimes Good

It’s impossible to take the kid out of even an old cowboy.

That was proven true when we went to grandson Wyatt’s school carnival. Times sure haven’t changed much in over five decades as the excitement for the younger generation was precisely like we remember it when we were there. Likewise, the adrenalin flowed in our veins still, believe it or not, as we kept going in the cakewalk, unsuccessfully.

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Lawn Mowing Is Sign Of The Promised Season

“Who’s gonna mow your grass?”

Buck Owens asked that question four decades ago in his hit recording. Oddly, we can still remember the first time we heard the song on the radio as we were draggin’ Main, waiting on Mom to figure the daily books at the grocery store. We didn’t see it as a chart topper, despite personal appeal, but we were wrong, and it’s now a favored classic.

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Salesmen With That Special Knack

Some folks are natural salesmen.

We never have been. However, we were reminded about the art of salesmanship as we watched a couple sell roasted nuts at a recent farm show. The economy might be tight, but nearly half of everybody passing their booth was a purchaser. We soon became aware of their success rate and decided we ought to study the techniques.

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Radical Weather Controlled By Only One

Everybody likes to talk about the weather.

Why is that? It’s because weather is one thing everybody has in common. Men, women, children, friends, enemies and strangers can freely discuss the weather. Like one said, “If it wasn’t for the weather, there’d be times there wouldn’t be anything to talk about.” Many conversations, when starting to drag, turn to the weather as a topic.

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