Angel Passes From Earth To Heaven

Amy is an angel.

Although some have skepticism, angels are real. People alive today have had angelical experiences. Thousands of books have been written about angels. The Bible refers to angels 326 times. Used loosely in conversations, angel might refer to “a kind, lovable person, who manifests goodness, purity and selflessness.”

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Homeless May Not Need To Be

Homes are  available.

Do all of the people who claim to be homeless really need to be? We have heard verified stories of rich folks who become “homeless,” just to get away from the “rat race.” They claim to be happier poor than with everything.

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Early Education Beginning Of Life’s School

School days are the best times of one’s life.

Many may debate this statement. For some, great things have happened that surpass when education occupied the bulk of the clock. One person contended each new day exceeds the one before. While that could be true, nothing replaces those years when we had no major responsibilities and “not a worry in the  world.”

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Fire Always Remains Authoritative

There’s nothing more powerful than fire.

That’s not a true statement, because certain natural and manmade forces do exceed flames in what destruction, and sometimes benefits, they can do. However, the strike of a  match, a bit of friction or a flash of lightning ignites incomprehensible authority.

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