Once-A-Week BathJust Not Enough For The Father

Some folks take a bath every Saturday night whether they need it or not.

At least that used to be the case, and it’s still likely true for a minute few far away from
civilization. However, as hard as it is for modern society to comprehend, that was often the way it was for our forefathers. Reasons were multiple, and varied with locale, family and tradition, but in those days, most homes simply didn’t have running water.

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Binding Ropes Can Be Hazardous To Our Health

A rope is a dangerous tool.

Many accidents with livestock have happened with ropes. All kinds and types of rope are important for doing many things with horses, cattle, sheep and goats. The tools of the stockman’s trade can even come into use with hogs, dogs, cats and chickens, though most would rather not get into the tackle’s procedure with some of those species.

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Teeth Are Plenty Important Fixtures

“All we want is our two front teeth.”

Everybody has heard the song: “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” Not all may have said it, but certainly everyone has been in the predicament of not having front teeth. First, of course, is that we’ve all been gummers at birth and had some  crying times, which were trying for our parents, as the first ones arrived.

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Savory Hamburgers Still All-Time Best Delicacy

Nothing beats a  hamburger to eat.

Most cowboys contend a beef steak is the best eating there is. We’ve eaten steaks at what are considered the best eating establishments in 19 states, as well as a wide   variety of “home-cooked” and barbecued steaks, and nothing compares to a plain   ole hamburger. Now really we’re talking about a beef burger, but to us that’s always been a hamburger.

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