Frank J. Buchman

Cowboy • Horseman • Writer

Safety Always Most Important With Horses

What is a life  worth? What is it worth to prevent a person from being completely immobilized? What is it worth to prevent a broken neck, back or even an arm? What it is worth to not be frightened of anything to do with horses for the rest of one’s life?

Inclement Weather Seldom Reason To Change Plans

The show must go   on. That order originated when the Barnum & Bailey Circus was touring the country and   often had travel problems with their entourage. Yet, producers were committed to every performance opening exactly when scheduled and seldom failed.

Wind And Sun Are Nature’s Clothes Dryer

Solar-powered clothes dryers for sale. Sure had us fooled. When we saw a sign advertising such at the welding shop of our rodeo traveling partner from four decades ago, we thought he had a unique invention for some energy-saving device that would be an economical asset to housekeeping.

Cold Treats Can Warm The Heart

Nickel ice cream cones are a buck now. Inflation has hit everything, but that kind of set us back when we ordered the “Dollar Special” at a drive-in fast food place recently. Size-wise, the cone was exactly the same as the ones we used to buy for Grandma and ourself most afternoons after school at […]