Frank J. Buchman

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Poor Memory May Be Sign Of Worse Days To Come

We’d forget our nose if it wasn’t attached to our face. That may not be an old wives’ saying, but it certainly seems to fit us quite well these days. There was a time when we’d use the excuse “too much on our mind.” That’s not a justified reason for things we’ve forgotten to do […]

Everyday Product Usage Is Harmful To Our Health

Poison is  poisonous. That means it kills. It’s toxic, fatal, venomous, deadly, lethal, mortal and life-threatening. People evidently don’t understand the plain, and actually simple, fact which can be defined in so many words, yet the result is the same.

Major Life Changes Are In The Plan

“You are fired.” Well, actually it was worded somewhat more courteously: “We are going to let you go.” Our chin dropped below the heels of our boots, without a word for what must have seemed forever to them. Then, they added: “You have been shirking your job.”

Hard Work Sores Make Better Individuals

Galls really do  hurt. But they can make one tougher. The dictionary defines a gall as “a sore on the skin, especially of a horse, due to rubbing or chafing.” Many top performance horses carry marks or scars, typically just a hair color change and sometimes with a rougher feel   to the skin, that […]