Correct Words Are Still Very Important

Password is a fun game show even for us slow thinkers.

Actually, it’s one of the few television shows us old cowboys can still watch without getting red behind the ears. Although TV gets very little of our time percentage-wise, we remember watching that show decades ago, and have even seen it a couple of times in the past year. Fortunately, it airs on one of the three stations our set receives these days.

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Nothing Beats The Word Of Mouth

The world stops when the computers lock up.

That may not be entirely true, but it’s not far from wrong. Such was the case at 8 o’clock one morning when we and seven of our co-workers sat down at our desks with the blue screens in front of us. “Does your e-mail come up?” was the first question, and within a minute, seven responses echoed: “This thing’s locked up today.”

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