Helping Another Is Essential

Wonder why that car is stopped along the road?

Should we stop and help? We don’t have time. Somebody else will help. Look at all of those other people passing them up; we aren’t the only ones who didn’t stop. They have a cell phone, everybody does; they can call for help if they need something. It’s several people, and there are some capable men, they can take care of themselves.

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Even Too Many Errors Is Better Than Nothing

When we’re not making mistakes, we’re not doing anything.

Somebody else said it first, but that is the case with us. Why wouldn’t it be that way? When nothing is being done, it’s virtually impossible to do wrong. There might be exceptions to the rule, such as sitting around all day or sleeping too much, but those are usually mistakes in themselves.

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Though Likely Undeserving, Silver Comes Ahead Of Time

Christmas came early at our place.

And, our present was just what we wanted. Actually, it was just what we had to have. We got a new car. We’d rather have had a new horse, but we already have way too many of them, and they can’t go fast enough in the short time our schedule requires. Yes, our forefathers journeyed with horses, but they traveled in days instead of minutes like we do.

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