Ration, Confinement Can Cause Ulcers In Horses

Ulcers are a common medical condition in horses and foals.

“It is estimated that almost 60 percent of foals and one-third of adult horses confined in stalls may have mild ulcers,” according to Dr. Race Foster, world respected veterinarian from Rhinelander, Wis.

Up to 60 percent of show horses and 90 percent of racehorses may develop moderate to severe ulcers. “However, about 50 percent of horses with ulcers show no outward signs of the gastrointestinal disease,” Foster pointed out.

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Bad Times Can Still Be Blessings

It was only flat on one side.

One could feel  fortunate for that, but flat tires are always a bad deal whenever they occur. Likewise, we actually do feel lucky that ours was after the blizzard. Had our tire decided to become deflated a week earlier, there’s no way we would have been able to change it.

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American Rodeo Draws Raving Crowds In Spain

They were all a long ways from home, but the rodeo action was much the same..

Spectators at a dozen rodeos in Spain may have been even more enthusiastic about the traditionally U.S. sport than had the performers been in their homeland.

“It was really an exciting time for all of us, and the crowds were just phenomenal,” described Bronc Rumford, the man responsible for those overseas spectaculars.

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Real Flint Hills Cowboy Festivities For Ranch Rodeo Champions’ Recognition

“It doesn’t get any better than right now. Enjoy the ride.”

That was the perfect synopsis of a fun-filled cowboy celebration and recognition Saturday night at Cottonwood Falls.

Ernie Rodina, congenial Purina feed salesman well known for his horse radio programs, equine print publication and generous contributions to Midwest horse activities, made the remark concluding the special party honoring the five Kansas teams placing high at the Working Ranch Cowboys Association World Championship.

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