Frank J. Buchman

Cowboy • Horseman • Writer

Good Things With All The Worthless

What is all that stuff on the dashboard of the pickup? Phillips screwdriver, and it won’t fit the regular screw that’s worked its way out. Two calf-pulling chains; that’s one for each back leg, or enough to pull two calves if things get bad enough. But, there is only one puller handle. Purple windshield scraper, […]

What Goes Up Can Come Down

“They won’t make any more land.” That’s a frequent comment during conversations about land values. It is true. However, emphasis of the statement is generally to encourage one to think, because of that fact, it doesn’t matter how much is paid for land.

Advice Given For Finding The ‘Perfect’ Horse

Just about everybody wants a Flicka. There aren’t too many, and lots of things need to be considered when trying to locate that perfect horse. Rick Lamb emphasized those points during one of his presentations during the 2010 EquiFest of Kansas at Wichita.

Body Fractures Result From Tangle With Earth

The ground sure can be hazardous to man and beast. We’ve been reminded of that a number of times, and the realization came home again last week. While bruises and sprains are often the result of falling to the ground, bones can also be broken. Sometimes, it’s not even from landing on the earth, but […]

Safety Always Better Than Bravery And Pride

Rodeo clown could never have been our profession. However, those funny fellows with big red noses, green hats, pink shirts, short baggy jeans with calico suspenders and often track shoes instead of cowboy boots have always been a highlight of our favorite sport. Nowadays, those painted-faced, big-grin ornery ones have changed.