Frank J. Buchman

Cowboy • Horseman • Writer

Obese Horses Most Susceptible To Grass Founder

Lush spring grass increases the chance of founder in horses. Actually founder, officially known as laminitis, can be caused by many different conditions, including overeating, taking on large amounts of water, hard riding and   problems at foaling.

Fishing Is For More Than The Food

“Gone fishin’, instead of just a-wishin’.” That’s what the original television fisherman, Harold Ensley, The Sportsman’s Friend, used to say on his Saturday evening program. We were excited when Mr. Ensley spoke  during a conservation meeting many years ago, and we can recall some of his fish stories.

Horse Owners Take Risks By Neglecting Insurance

Most people don’t insure their horses. The reasoning sometimes is that premiums are quite high in comparison to what they have invested, but on the other hand those who have substantial amounts wrapped up in horses often don’t have them insured either.

Simplicity Is Start To Solving Complications

Life is a complicated journey. There are so many decisions to make. It seems when one is in the adolescent years, all answers lie just ahead, and everything will be just right. Or, sometimes, at that immature stage in life, one might have a secure, even smug, feeling of actually possessing all the exact solutions.

Wyoming Sets Trend For Country To Return To Cowboy Ethics

It’s time we return to the ways of the West. We’ve long thought that, and when the state of Wyoming recently adopted their Cowboy Ethics, we were reminded of how cowboys have always had their set values, and they’re forever for the betterment of their livestock, their land, their country and their fellow man.

Only Nature Controls Blaze In Wonderland

Never underestimate the power of fire and wind. Those who do are quickly proven wrong. A strike of a match or even an unintended spark whisked by a tiny gust can set the earth afire. An old saying, “It spread like wildfire,” comes to life and soon engulfs the countryside taking prairie, timber, homes businesses, […]

Horses Require Additional Attention With Spring Weather

Spring has sprung, the grass has turned green seemingly overnight, and already winter hairs are flying freely and any sign of a horse’s ribs showing are rapidly disappearing. Horses usually remain healthy during the winter months as long as they have plenty of good hay and water. However, when the weather starts to warm up, […]

Financial Management Must Still Be Progressive

“Be better to put that money in a can and bury it in the garden.” That’s a philosophy lots of folks who had funds in the stock market and other risk investments wished they would have had before the economic downturn of 2008. There are some who had the foresight to see that decline and […]