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First Unwanted Horses Survey Concludes With Still More Questions

More and more people don’t want the horses they have, and, with that, the neglect and abuse of horses are increasing. Dr. Douglas G. Corey, recently elected chairman of the Unwanted Horse Coalition, made that emphasis in detailing findings from his group’s study on Contributing Factors Surrounding the Unwanted Horse Issue.

Hard Work At Home Still Yields Dividends

“Out Behind The Barn.” That’s the title of a country tune by one of our favorite country singers. With humorous yet truthful lyrics backed by fast-beat guitar and a jovial original presentation from the shortest, longest-enduring, still-entertaining singer, Little Jimmy Dickens, it still carries many of life’s lessons and lifts one’s spirit a half   […]

Words Can Still Have More Power Than Pictures

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” We’ve made that statement many times and have often tried to accompany our writings with pictures, although formats sometimes prohibit it. Everybody always looks at pictures, whether they ever read a word of a story. Of course, horse  photographs are our favorite, and we can spend hours looking […]

Horses Are At Risk For Salmonella Poisoning, Too

Headline stories about human sickness and even deaths related to food poisoning caused by Salmonella bacteria are quite common. Thus, many people know the word Salmonella, but only a few realize that it can be a severe problem in horses, too.

Power Of Water Frequently Overlooked

Nothing on earth is more important than water. It is truly the most essential element of mankind. Everything we can think of depends on water in one form or another for survival. Yet, water is one of the most discussed, cussed, debated and frequently under appreciated, even criticized, nutrients, commodities, compounds, chemicals (yes, it is […]

Starving Mustangs Add to Debate As Owner Is Imprisoned

The Bureau of Land Management’s wild mustang management  program, which has drawn considerable discussion for years, has been again brought under fire in a Nebraska animal cruelty case. Restore Our American Mustangs Act (ROAM), federal legislation to overhaul the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, was approved by the U.S. House of Representatives last summer. […]