Certain News Will Always Be Valuable

Old news is no news. That’s the philosophy of dyed-in-the-wool veteran newsmen who we’ve long admired. For the generation who might not interpret what that means, it stresses the importance of getting information made public as quickly as possible.

Old Age Is All In The Perspective

Evidently, we are old. More often, others are insinuating that. We do frequently refer to ourself as the Old Man, although typically in jest. However, it has generally been a fact, in comparison of the group we’ve been referring to. Nobody is older in our regular office staff, and most of the rest of the […]

Time To End Life Is Not Man’s Decision

Death will come at its own instant. Begrudgingly, we have put down livestock that has become seriously ailing, in extreme pain and with no apparent chance of survival. It always bothered our conscience and does to this day. Many contend that’s the only humane thing to do when a horse breaks its leg. There have […]

Investment Soundness Still Risky At Best

“I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money.” Author Mark Twain originally made that remark, although cowboy philosopher Will Rogers is often credited for it, while British economist John Maynard Keynes frequently repeated the words. The comment has become our financial philosophy as well. Consequently, we will […]

Mediocrity Never Wins The Race

Sometimes, one has to step across the line. Although a perfect person may claim to have never stretched the rules, it is highly doubtful.  Certainly, if that is true, the individual has been mediocre or below in   achievement. Always toeing the line is generally the way to keep out of trouble, get along, never […]