Self-Control Easier Said Than Done

Fasting is pretty easy.

Breaking our fast is what always gets us in trouble.

Deciding not to over eat, staying away from unhealthy activities or passing up on purchasing unnecessary things is initially fairly simple. Evidently, we have more strength than some others we know, because they get upset when they’re late for or miss dinner, and can’t seem to walk on by any opportunity to get something new.

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Free ‘Operation Gelding’ Project Is Effort To Reduce Horse Population

Economic turmoil and a ban on horse slaughter has resulted in a steadily growing number of unwanted horses with owners who are unable to properly care for them.

“The unwanted horse population has risen as the cost of purchasing a horse has dropped, but the cost of keeping a horse has stayed the same,” emphasized Dr. Alison M. LaCarrubba heads the equine ambulatory section at the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine.

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