Internal Dialogue Of Horse And Rider Is Key To A Successful Ride

As the music came on the microphone, Aaron Ralston loped into the arena on his bridle less horse, circled both directions at various speeds, occasionally clapping his hands and asking the crowd to join in, before spinning both directions, coming to a
sliding stop for which he is most famous, and then backing his mount several yards.

As the first clinician at the recent Equifest of Kansas in Wichita, Ralston discussed the importance of rhythm in free style reining and of equal value while riding in every   discipline.

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Showmanship Is The Art Of Exhibiting A Horse

Many horse-loving-youngsters don’t have the prettiest horse.

Yet, their appreciation and hard work for their horses often surpass those who have better conformation animals.

There was a need to recognize these young horsemen for their dedicated ability, according to Andrea Simons during the International Equine Judges Seminar in Oklahoma City.

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