Frank J. Buchman

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Short Lives Can Still Leave Positive Influence

“Live life to the fullest.” That has long been our philosophy. It’s been more than two decades since a funeral, when remembrances of the deceased were requested; we stood up without even realizing it, somehow like a special power forced us, and made that exact statement.

Mishaps Can Even Become Humorous Learning Experiences

Looking back is funnier than when it’s happening. What are actually catastrophes in ranch life sometimes become humorous when thought about later. They are a highlight in the great life of a cowboy, even though some folks definitely wouldn’t agree with that evaluation.

‘Reins For Renewal’ To Help Women And The Horses They Love

“Horses help us personally and spiritually.” Lisa Johnson evaluated her own experience, and now she’s dedicated to spreading that message to others. “Horses have changed my life,” Johnson said. “It is my desire to show more women how they can improve their lives, too.”

Hazy Stench Warning To Caution Power

There’s a heavy haze in the sky. It’s sure cloudy, but the weatherman just said this was a clear day. A distinctive smell of smoke is the air.

Generous Stockman Has Fond Memories Of His Horses

Horses have been an integral part in the generous life of Max Brown at Dwight. Initially farming with horses, Brown has keen memories of those years, yet he can also recall getting their first new Allis Chalmers tractor in 1938. “I always liked horses, but our work load became easier when we went to tractor […]

Uniqueness Creates Personal Value

“Why would anybody want to buy another horse?” With what seems like a pasture full of “hay burners,” as Dad generally referred to them, we have more than we can ride.. That’s certain. However, the population is about 50 percent below what it was a year ago. That number has been taken down, because of […]

‘Three Times Right,’ Trainer Tells Learning Horsemen

Most everything done with a horse is to the left. “Consequently, it’s important to make sure your horse is equally versatile to the right, and that requires concentrated awareness and training,” according to renowned reining and cutting horse trainer Al Dunning.